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Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday celebrations

I turned the big 34 last week and  had a lovely time celebrating. I generally try to avoid the birthday thing, but every few years I get my head out of the sand and invite a few friends over to celebrate. Good friends, good food and booze and some very lovely gifts. Feeling very spoiled and incredibly lucky.

Elias drew this 'black hole', (slight Space obsessed at the moment) for me at kindy. Kind of a big deal considering he hardly ever draws (much to Ben's dismay). It went straight to the pinboard!:

Some lovely lilies from my Dad, who lives on Kangaroo Island, but came over for the week to celebrate my brother Al and I's birthdays, conveniently 4 days apart:

A gorgeous little china owl box from have you met miss jones:
And my most favourite gift of all... our lovely friend and talented photographer Elise gave me framed prints of these gorgeous photos she took of Elias earlier this year. Heart melts every time I look at them, now to find the right spot for them:

I should do this birthday thing more often!


  1. Straight-back-following-atcha-sister!

    Your little person is very cute.

    Keep up the blogging. You read like you were made for it!

  2. Yay, my 1st ever follower! I love the Make mine Mid-Century blog, I feel very flattered indeed!