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Monday, March 5, 2012

Toybox mini makeover

There's nothing like a Baby on the way to get motivated to get organised! The new bub will be bunking in with Elias, so there is quite a bit of decluttering, organising and rearranging to do.

We bought this little toybox when Elias was little. Like most things we had plans to fix this up years ago, but apart from a quick coat of paint and  some cushions popped on top it remained as is for the last 5 years.

This is how it looked in the harsh light of day sans cushions. Yikes!

We had some high density latex cut to size, and I sewed up a quick box style cushion cover on the old Janome. I attached the fabric to the underside of the box lid with this fantastic electric Ozito Staple and Nail gun. I have to admit I keep making up excuses for new projects so I can use it again. I love power tools.

I bought the super cute Elephant print fabric by Kokka on my last trip to Japan. They have the cutest prints. I also bought the reverse colourway in the same print which I've sewn into a cute baby blanket.

It's not perfect, but I'm pretty happy (yes, I know the elephants are not in a straight line which kills me a little), but not bad for a first attempt and certainly more practical.


  1. Great job Sarah! And what fab colours. I too love power tools, they are a joy!

  2. U did a great job! And congrats on the bundle of joy who will be arriving soon!

  3. Thanks Sandy! It's a good excuse to get crafty, so many projects I want to tackle.